Summer Care Package

Feel like summer is flying by? The summer time can be the best and busiest time of the year which makes it hard to make sure that you're fuelling your body properly.

Introducing our brand new "Summer Care Package" which is a blend of our organic cold press juices, gluten-free treats & clean food. Let us take care of the cooking & dishes for you. If you need a boost for 1 day or are looking to have all of your meals taken care of for a full week - This is the perfect pack for anyone no matter how busy your schedule is!

Each day you will receive 3 x 500ml cold press juices, 2 x large salad bowls, 1 x chia pudding, 2 x gluten-free dairy-free baked treats, and 1 ginger shot to make your own ginger tea! Choose between Option 1 and Option 2 to have a different variety of juices and salads per day. 

Option 1: 

8am | magic rabbit + breakfast bar 10am | green beast 12pm | santa fe salad
2pm | raspberry chia pudding 4pm | melon burst 6pm | spiced chickpea salad

 8pm | ginger tea + quinoa puff cookie 

Option 2: 

8am | magic rabbit + breakfast bar 10am | tropics 12pm | santa fe salad
2pm | blueberry chia pudding 4pm | melon burst 6pm | the greek salad

 8pm | ginger tea + quinoa puff cookie 

keep refrigerated, shelf life 72 hours

Our cleanse programs are carefully designed to give you the right mix of nutrition, variety, and deliciousness. Following the right cleanse schedule will help ensure success. We'll provide a cleanse guide in your delivery. We do not offer refunds if a pick up time was missed, please chose a time & day that works for your schedule.
Our boxes can be a little heavy (upwards of 8kg) if you plan to pick them up from our stores or carry them somewhere please be advised of the weight.