Lean Lemonade

filtered water // lemon // maple syrup // pink himalayan sea salt // cayenne pepper 

detoxifying • metabolism boosting • deep cleansing

This drink is meant to get your body fired up, in the best way possible. Lemons are going to cleanse the liver, and eliminate toxins via your kidney and colon. Our local organic premium grade maple syrup offers manganese and zinc which helps maintain healthy blood cells. 

Cayenne pepper packs a punch with a boost to your immune system. Clinical studies show that cayenne pepper has the ability to kill cancer cells when digested properly, which also contributes to healthy heart. Himalayan sea salt ties it all together, it helps your body to rid itself of acidic waste which hinders your regeneration process. This combination will help your body become a lean, mean, fighting machine.


keep refrigerated, shelf life 72 hours