Why Cold Press?

Cold press is the method we use to extract juice from vegetables and fruit without heat or oxygen. Why is this important you might be wondering? The lack of heat and oxygen during the extraction does not compromise the nutritional value nor eliminate active enzymes, leaving you with a juice that is just as nutritious as the produce we use to make it. Cold press allows you to squeeze every drop out of the plant as opposed to centrifugal juicing, which is when you push the plant against a steel blade and filter it through metal mesh. The cold press method allows the food you’re juicing to maintain nature’s intended freshness by allow zero heat to touch the juice which gives it a longer shelf life since there has been zero accidental cooking throughout the process.

What is the shelf life of your juice?

We do not add preservatives to our juices nor artificially extend their shelf life with high pressure processing (HPP). This means you’re on a timeline to get the most out of your juice. All of our juices and milks last for 72 hours, you’ll see a best before date on your bottle and in order to enjoy and obtain all the benefits, we recommend drinking before said dates.

Why does your juice hit my wallet harder than other juice?

Everything we use is 100% organic and source locally. We do not compromise the quality, which in turn means a steeper price. On average there is 2-3 pounds of organic produce in each 500ml bottle and even more in our green intensive juices. We offer our juices in glass bottles so you never have to worry whether the bottle you’re drinking out of contains any BPA (Bisphenol-A) and each juice is bottled by hand with love and care. So, despite the pretty penny - we promise that these juices will do amazing things for your body inside and out.

Does it matter which order I drink my juices in during a cleanse?

We’ve built the cleanses accordingly to how your body absorbs nutrients and processes calories throughout the day. We don’t want you to wake up first thing in the morning and start out with the nut milk, and then suffer a total blood sugar crash at 3pm. Its normal that you will have a favourite juice throughout the cleanse, but do your best to play by the rules!

How much weight will I lose?

Juice cleanses often gets lumped into the weight loss miracle diet category, however - we do not recommend cleansing as a method of crash dieting. Yes, along with an over all body rejuvenation, at the end of your cleanse you will see the reflection on your scale - however, the benefits really lie in what you’re able to do after you’ve given your body a fresh start. This is a chance to detoxify your body and reboot your system.

How often should I do a cleanse?

Frequency all depends on you and your body. Some people find cleansing to be beneficial when done on a monthly basis, others see the benefits of doing so four times a year. However, listen to your body - if you’re feeling sluggish, bloated, exhausted and simply a duller version of yourself, re-balancing your body with some super packed nutrients will feel extraordinary.

What should I do prior to cleansing?

We would recommend that you start cutting processed and refined foods from your diet. Heavy meats, dairy and fried foods will only make your start that much more trying. Start introducing more water into your diet, amp up your daily intake of fruit and veggies, and as much as we apologize for this part - try to cut your caffeine intake. Adios morning coffee... you’ll thank us for that part mid cleanse.

How long should I do a cleanse for?

The longer the cleanse, the deeper the experience. When preparing to do a cleanse you should evaluate your schedule because your body should become top priority while cleansing. We recommend 1 to 3 day cleanses for a first time cleanse. If you have any questions about the right length of cleanse for you we would love to talk via phone or email about the correct amount.

How will I benefit from doing a juice cleanse?

There are many benefits that you body will gain from a juice cleanse with the main ones being: a regulated colon, increased mental clarity, increased energy and stamina, healthy hair and nails, better sleep patterns, and a radiant complexion. And those are just some of the benefits.

What sets Galt Juice Company apart from the others?

This is a question near and dear to our heart. The brains behind Galt Juice Co. have lived through the effects of what happens when your body goes into fight or flight mode. Therefore we truly understand the value behind equipping your body with the best tools of defence naturally possible. Each juice is carefully formulated to ensure your body is receiving the best of the best to rid toxins, build your immune system and to invigorate endorphins that may have been asleep for a while. We have created each recipe with taste in mind to ensure that you enjoy your juice while benefiting your body.