Mean Green

kale // cucumber // celery // apple // spinach // lemon // parsley

energizing • pH balancing • anti-inflammatory • blood purifier 

This is where we go hard to help bring your body to an alkaline state. Cancer and other disease's  despises alkalinity, so the more alkaline you can get your body, the better! What makes this juice a little wonder is all of the green chlorophyll that comes from the ingredients, they're going to help bring your pH-balance to an alkaline state while detoxifying and purifying your body.

Kale juice comes loaded with nutrients your body needs to produce energy. The many B-complex vitamins found in kale helps you derive energy from nutrients. The iron and copper found in kale activates enzymes to generate fuel, and iron also helps deliver the oxygen your cells need to maintain cell metabolism.

keep refrigerated, shelf life 72 hours