Drink Clean Cleanse
Drink Clean Cleanse Drink Clean Cleanse

Feeling a little sluggish or off-kilter?  We recommend our "Drink Clean" cleanse to the experienced cleansers who are conscious about which foods they consume. "Drink Clean" will help keep your pH levels in check. This cleanse has a higher ratio of vegetables to allow a deeper level of detoxification while still being extremely enjoyable to consume. This one is for you would be juice warriors!

The cleanse contains 6 juices, 1 cashew milk, and 2 raw shots that have been carefully crafted with a blend of fruits and vegetables making it both delicious and nutritious. Whether you find yourself stressed or coming from a time of over indulgence this is the perfect way to hit the reset button.


juice 1 // lean lemonade juice 2 // fireball shot juice 3 // sunrise
juice 4 // green beast juice 5 // carebear

juice 6 // alow wave

juice 7 // green beast
juice 8 // immunity shot
juice 9 // cashew milk


keep refrigerated, shelf life 72 hours 

Our cleanse programs are carefully designed to give you the right mix of nutrition, variety, and deliciousness. Following the right cleanse schedule will help ensure success. We'll provide a cleanse guide in your delivery. 
Our boxes can be a little heavy (upwards of 8kg) if you plan to pick them up from our stores or carry them somewhere please be advised of the weight.